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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 11, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant:now at eight. rifles cops a bunch of guns pointed at the construction site. >> grant:we will show you how san francisco police reacted when a gunman began firing his rifle at a mission district hospital. >>whoosh >> grant:a bay area freeway the scene of violence as
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drivers exchange shots on two different nights, why the chp thinks i=80 may be the new ground zero in a gang war >>whoosh >>nat crying (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> grant:encouraging news for anyone who doesn't like getting a flu shot every year, >>whoosh >> grant:and dramatic satellite images showing the impact of the weekend storms in the sierra. >> grant:grab your snowboard, >> grant:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> pam:breaking news tonight. >>a man armed with a rifle. >> pam: forces a san francisco hospital to lock down. >> pam:swat teams surrounded that gunman. high atop a nearby construction site. >> pam:officers opened fire. killing the suspect. >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. >> pam:police wrapped up a
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news conference in the past hour. >> pam:kron 4's justine waldman is live in the mission district tonight. with what we've learned. justine. >> reporter:news broke of this shooting in the 4:00 hour. 911 operators.flooded with calls about shots beign fired. >> reporter:in the southern part of the mission. st. lukes at ceasar chavez and valencia. >> reporter:the robbery suspect got into a work elevator at a five story hospital building being built. streets there.blocked off during the heart of the evening commute. >> reporter:two east bay freeway shootings in a span of eight days. and the latest one -- deadly. the two happening very close to one another. >> reporter:pam, it is unclear as to why the suspect stole the gun.
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this >> grant: the robbery suspect got into the work of elevator at the five story hospital building under construction derrick the streets are blocked off >> pam: the shooting did shut down streets and go down on what down creek just bush joins us live now as he spoke with someone who saw this all of gold. --all unfold >> reporter: at one of the busiest parts of the day in one of the busiest parts of san francisco this happens it was crazy. you see the police presence was a huge
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with officers coming from all across san francisco. construction workers forced to run away from the scene as buyers--as fire--as shot for being fired. >> i was headed up the mark to zero exit. when i left my friend and the e.r. and heard gunshots. when i heard the second shots of the ghetto and its turnaround. i knew it was gunfire. >> reporter: a lot of nerve separate the good news is that no one was hurt. the suspect was killed by police. people were allowed to go back then. just push kron 4 news. --jeff bush
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>> pam: to east bay freeway shootings in a span of eight days. and the latest one, deadly. the to happening very close to one another. and tonight, the california highway patrol says, the interstate 80 shootings appeared to be connected. >> pam:philippe. >> reporter:pam. >> reporter:a man was killed in last night's shooting. >> reporter:his passenger -- a woman -- was also hit by gunfire. it all happening near the off-ramp behind me. >> reporter:but tonight the
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passenger is still alive. while an active search for the shooter, is underway. >> reporter:here's the scene from last night's shooting. the california highway patrol won't share the specific evidence was found linking the two incidents. >> reporter:investigators also not gunman inovlved. we're talking about two separate shootings on interstate 80 that the c-h-p now says were not coicidences. >> reporter:the shooting on november 2nd near the san pablo dam road exit. and, tuesday night's deadly shooting near the pinole >> reporter:at around 11 o'clock last night. a man and a woman driving in an audi sedan were both shot on the eastbound side of i- 80 near pinole valley road. >> reporter:the man died -- the woman taken to a local hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. just eight days prior. >> reporter:a man was found slumped over on the shoulder near san pablo dam road in a hyundai elantra just after four o'clock in the afternoon, suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter:he tells investigators someone shot at him on the westbound side, causing him to lose control before ending >> reporter:c-h-p officer clayton nett won't reveal whether or not these shootings are gang-related. but will say it appears the shooter in both cases showed complete disregard for the public's safety. >>sot- "that situations
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very dangerous. anytime another vehicle shoots at another vehicle, they're not looking at what's behind that vehicle. it could be an innocent bystander that's driving or standing near a freeway overcrossing thats subsequently struck by gunfire. we don't want any of that to happen. we don't want the public to be harmed." >> reporter:the c-h-p says it needs the public's help to solve these crimes. if you saw anything before, during or after either of these shooting. >> reporter:get in touch with investigators immediately. live in pinole, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam:what started as a traffic stop in the east bay, ends in a horrific crash at least 8 cars damaged by a driver fleeing police. >> pam:this is what the scene looked like from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. it happened at the intersection of 29-th street and mc=bryde avenue in richmond. >> pam:that's where we find kron-4's scott rates. live fromscott - we are learning new details tonight about the driver.
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>> reporter:pam, just in the past hour we learned that the person who caused this crash was on parole for doing the extract same thing back in 2012 - with so many kids playing on street this morning police say it's amazing no one else was hurt >> reporter:what was once a car is now a pile of mangled metal after a high sped crash in this richmond neighborhood wednesday morning. marion taylor lives just feet away >>"when i came out of the house the car was there smoking, the police were right there" >> reporter:a commander for the san pablo police department says pablo casino when an officer tried to make a traffic stop, but the driver did not stop, and took off towards richmond. san pablo pd says they did not pursue. about half mile later and driving at speeds over 80mph the suspect
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slamed in to at least eight different cars, injuring one person. >>"stuff like that doesn't happen around here"' >>it's pretty horrible. >> reporter:we are now learning more about the driver, richmond police have identified him as 28-year- old saul espinoza of richmond. after the crash, investigators say they found a loaded 9mm hand gun and two ounces of meth in his car. >>"very lucky no one else was hurt" >> reporter:now as for the woman who was injured, i spoke to her husband, he tells me she is much better tonight and resting at home, the driver remains in the hospital with serious injuries, and will be facing some serious charges.
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>> pam:new at 8-15. weekend storm impacted snow levels in the sierra. >> pam:earlier today, the owners of both the oakland raiders and the san diego chargers announced. that disney c-e-o bob iger. will lead an effort to build a new joint stadium in carson, california, which is near los angeles. >> pam:the news comes as a delegation from oakland, including mayor libby schaaf, meets with team owners in new york city. to try and convince the n-f-l. to keep the raiders in oakland. >> pam:kron 4's charles clifford joins us now. >> pam:charles - you talked to raiders fans who have long worried that their team might be moved. >> reporter:certainly, bringing in someone like bob iger can't be good news for anyone who wants to keep the raiders in oakland?
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>> reporter:no. iger is very high profile and as the c-e- o of disney he can probably assert a lot of influence on the process but raiders fans are optimistic that the team will remain in oakland. >>it's very frustrating. >> >> reporter:chris dobbins is a raiders season ticket holder. he also sits on the coliseum joint power authority and he's president of save oakland sports, which is trying to keep the raiders at the coliseum. he says that by bringing in disney c-e-o bob iger, team owners seem to have stepped efforts to move the raiders back to southern california despite strong local support. >> reporter:the fans have
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consistently supported the team, oakland is the best place in turn of transportation and the geographic center of the bay area. the weather is better here, the raiders were born here. and frankly, we are an nfl city. as a raider fan, this is very frustrating. very cynical but we are not ready to throw in the towel yet. >> reporter:at popular sports bar ricky's in san leandro, raiders fan quintin richardson said that it would be unfortunate if the team moved but he added that raiders fans would probably stick with them. >>we had it done to us before, right? they went and came back and fans stuck with them through that. you had fans that stuck with them and drove down to la to see them play. like you said they've got fans that have hung with them through these lean years so definitely optimist is what you can call a raider fan. >> reporter:now, the fate of the raiders is still very much up in the air. nfl owners aren't expected to vote on a possible move until early next year. pam... >> pam:now, the fate of the raiders is still very much up in the air. nfl owners aren't expected to vote on a possible move until early next year. pam.. >> or will newsprint is
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unfortunate that no one thinks about the fans. >> rather the raiders leave or not i will always be a die-hard raiders fan. still this is horrible news. >> grant: certainly not good news. but we like it when you chime in. >> pam: san francisco says goodbye to a legend. plus, a and to that of the bay area program interim--to nextpets with vets! >> diane: of clear skies right now the chilly weather is expected again tonight. more coming up!
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e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
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>> grant: if you want to get an idea of what that did weekend storm did to the sierra. check up these maps. a year ago, snow-covered less than 1 percent of the sierra just a little bit down here north of 01 slate. --owens lake >> grant: today the national
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weather service posted a map showing 58.7% of the sierra is now covered by snow. >> grant: ski resorts and the tahoe area have gone through four years of scant the snow. last spring the snowpack hit its lowest point ever. that was what prompted governor jerry brown to declare the drop in march and see. --emergency >> grant: this year some of the biggest the resource are opening their trills earlier. >> grant:boreal opened last friday. >> grant: heavily, at north star and kirkwood + squaw valley will be open this saturday, a week ahead of
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schedule. but state water experts are not ready to declare the drop over and the efforts of death of snow and the sierra is just over 4 in.. >> pam: dianne is here with the details. >> diane: we will have more rain showers and snow showers for the sierra characteristic a look at the satellite regard to give you a clearer picture. at the southwest, up the heavy low moisture. bringing snow to the lake tahoe area on sunday. when showers for the san francisco bay area. making it way down to our region. >> diane: now, we are dealing with chilly conditions for upper 40's. antioch, livermore and as well as the north bay
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regions. >> diane: do have chilly conditions for tonight. much like last night. the same deal for tonight and in the early morning creek with the 30 degree temperatures. >> diane: which is why we have another frost advisory. up until 9:00. all of this area here in the pan; santa rosa, san rafael and mill valley plus the north bay locations will have a frost advisory in effect. >> diane: a look ahead, clear skies will continue however, and so g in certain areas. --fog in certain areas
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>> diane: east bay shoreline will be 66 per richmond in fremont at 54 degrees plus, 64 degrees for san francisco. >> pam: legendary stripper. and san francisco icon. carol doda has died. more than 50 years ago, she helped introduce topless entertainment at the condor club. that was back in 1964. and those performances changed all the other nightspots along the busy broadway corridor. >> pam: an illuminated sign on the later became a landmark she died from complications related to kidney failure. she was 78 years old.
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>> pam: new tonight at 8 apple's giant i=pad pro is now on the market. >> pam: it features a huge twelve- point- nine- inch screen. and a hefty price tag. >> gary: we have the warriors highlights from memphis. we will also tell you about the start of the sharks that may be looking to move elsewhere. and, a fight over a hockey stick and later in this broadcast.
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>> pam: our tech reporter gabe slate takes a closer look at the device. and tells us who this i=pad is for. and what it offers. >> gabe slate - tech trends >> vicki: >> vicki: >> gabe:first thing you need know if you want the ipad pro right now you need to order it online from apple and it will ship to you within a couple days. the ipad pro is not inside most apple stores at this point >> gabe:but they should be arriving within the week. >> gabe:so for now if you want to get your hands on one before call the store before you go make sure their display units have arrived >> gabe:but i have had my hands on this mammoth tablet so let me give you my impression
8:23 pm
>> gabe:it's huge ! >> gabe:the first time i laid eyes on it in person up close i laughed. i thought it was a joke. it's so big. >> gabe:but the more i played with it the more it made sense >> gabe:here's the basics. >> gabe:here it is laying next to the regular ipad air 2 the ipad air 2 is 9.7 inches, the ipad pro is 12.9 inches. >> gabe:bigger doesn't mean heavier it's not that heavy it weighs just under 1.6 pounds this is a powerful machine. this has like desktop pc power so professionals with jobs that require heavy duty computing and processor power could benefit from this. >> gabe:professionals that travel a lot or have onsite job duties out in the world where they need a powerful portable computer this is it. >> gabe:apple basically put all their special sauce into this puppy cpu speed, the display, quality of the sound output, the speakers are 3 times as loud as other ipads. and overall responsiveness of interface - the ipad pro is up there with the apple laptops the macbook or macbook air. >> gabe:to make it appeal to
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professionals. there is this special keyboard accessory and for design jobs or people who like using a stylus there is this apple pencil accessory. so with it's high cost besides professionals. who think the ipad pro would appeal to ipad enthusiasts. >> gabe:someone who really loves bigger version it's a great way to watch movies or tv shows the screen is so big. it's like a small portable flat-screen tv. the ipad pro starts at $800 and goes up depending on storage.
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>> pam: >>present arms! >> pam:a salute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. >> pam:president barack obama laid a wreath at the 'tomb of the unknowns' at arlington national park. >> pam:the president. taking part in a national veterans day observance ceremony. to honor all who have served in the united states armed forces. >> pam:there are more than 19 -million living u.s. veterans. and today is the day americans give thanks to each and every one of those living and those passed on. >> pam:in a new program. veterans suffering from p-t- s-d are being paired with pets facing euthenization. in the process, both are helping each other heal. >> pam:kron 4's alecia reid is in walnut creek. with details on the program launched by the animal
8:27 pm
rescue foundation. >>natsot - the first step in healing is saying what youre feeling inside and many times you cant do it with a person. >> reporter:but this veteran says he can easily express himself with cats. in fact he adopted two from the animal rescue foundation. >> whenever i get over well with the pressures of thoughtssot - whenever i get of what i went through understand me. i can admit i can laugh and i can cry to my pad and they understand me. -- to ,my pets >> reporter:ricke branum jr is one of many veterans that
8:28 pm
now have emotional support animals. after adopting his two pets, rick started volunteering here at arf, which eventually led to him working here. that's the level of support he tells me he gets from interacting with animals from the pets for vets program. >>sot - pairing a vet with an animal that will be there for them at all times, you cant measure it. >> reporter:arf goes out every week and pulls dogs from county facilities where they may be euthenized for space. thousands of pets are put down each year, and it's estimated about 22 veterans commit suicide every day. >>sot - why not have a solution where we help rescue a sheltered pet and pair them up with a vet in need and save two lives at once. >> reporter:last year the foundation saved 2600 dogs and cats from being put down. about 99 of them are now with military families. reporting 1 at 3--walnut creek reporting 1 at 3--walnut creek my name is erick varela. reporting 1 at 3--walnut ci'm a substation electrician with pg&e. when i was 17 years old, signed up for the united states army and i started serving and i now get to serve the customers of pg&e. i get to help other families. and that's what it's all about.
8:29 pm
when i came back from iraq, couldn't find work. then i found pg&e's power pathway program. here at pg&e i'm successful living in eureka with our two beautiful kids with a brand new career all because of the power pathway program. if you are a veteran, go to and hopefully your life will change like mine did.
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>> pam: grant is here with a lettuce with what police are calling a series of crimes. >> grant: the police shot at
8:31 pm
and eventually killed the suspect. the police states that he faced his gun towards the police officers. you are looking at video from the mission situation where police were moving in on the suspect. shooting him where he was on that large of port elevator. it is not clear as to why he climbed up that elevator structure. fortunately, no one was injured. shots were fired a round for this afternoon. pam? >> pam: new at 8:30 tonight. we have told you about the deputy shortage in contra costa county. >> pam: now, the decisionmakers are speaking up. the sheriff and pushing for higher pay. >> pam: kron 4's j.r. stone spoke with one of the county supervisors. to see if that "really is" a possibility. >> pam: so j.r. what did you learn?
8:32 pm
>> reporter:well pam, there are five supervisors and they are the ones who will decide on this. they were losing nurses so they gave em a big raise. this year they also gave themselves a raiseso here we go again. >> reporter:it's no secret by now.contra costa deputies are leaving the department in high numbers and the sheriff and union president both say it's because of low pay and higher pensions. supervisor candace andersen says that pension gap may soon change. >>sot that gap that we're seeing right now may narrow as calpers deals with their very serious fiscal issues. >> reporter:andersen acknowleges that salaries are higher within other departments. she is one of five who could approve a pay raise. she tells us the county's assessed property values are expected to rise six percent.and that money could be used to help with pay raises. i asked her if she would approve a 15 percent increase to reach the average level of other departments. >>sot i don't know if we could go quite that high but we all know we need to do something.
8:33 pm
>> reporter:the county has lost well over a million dollars training deputies who have left a short time later. sot the sheriff wasn't excited about this idea whether we should have those that leave after we train them at the academy to pay back their tuition as an incentive to stick around. >> reporter:negotiations on a new contract are already underway and while it won't take effect until julythere is a hope a viable agreement can be reached before more deputy sleaze. --leave >> reporter:it is important to note that the board of supervisors gave themselves a raise earlier this year. i asked andersen about that and she tells me she opposed that very measure. pam now back to you >> pam:going to the gym is good for your overall
8:34 pm
physical health, however it is important to note, that one should arrive at said gym safely which means you need to follow all the rules of the road. >> pam:a viewer email sends stanley roberts to a gym on the peninsula, where the rules of the road appear to be an inconvenience. as we see in this edition of people the bidding valley. --people behaving badly if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. there are two sets of double yellow lines over there which means what? so even if the sign were not there what does that mean >> stanley:on broadway in redwood city there is a brand spanking new 24 hour fitness super sport work out facility it's been there
8:35 pm
since may 2015 >> stanley:there is also not one but two no u-turn and left turn signs. that were part of the original appoval of the facility. signs that were complety ignored >> stanley:you see that sign that says no left turn im no allowed to you cant turn left therewhat yo mean no left turn where no left turn ohhhhh? awww new! no not new im first time coming sorry! >> stanley:hmmm it's her first time here yet she thinks the sign is new? >> stanley:so man drivers ignored the not left turn sign i have to actually there, in fact these signs are larger than normal >> stanley:watch this driver who not only makes the illegal left turn but then makes a u-turn one he enters the parking lot >> stanley:then there was this driver. illegal left turn and coming up the wrong driveway >>i saw that wrong turn
8:36 pm
what? >> you got me me on that wrong turn you got yourself on that wrong turn yea then you came uo the wrong driveway i just saw the wrong driveway here this my first time and you didn see thise big old signs no i didn't see the signs but i say the arrow coming out and did you see the double sets of double yellow lines? now that you mentioned it i did now that >> stanley:most of the people i spoke to never noticed the signs . >> stanley:this is one of those moments when you which there was a cop present oh wait look what we have here, officer wolfe from the redwood city police department >>i watch you all the time i cant cross that dude. >> stanley:in a future edition of people behaving badly offier wolf has a chat with drivers caught in the act and why it's important to read signs >>i got caught behaving badly >> stanley:. yes you did. >> stanley:in redwood city stanley roberts kron 4 news return to index of stories...
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>> pam: nobody does it like gary! the back story continues to an this sunday, each and every sunday night at 938 here on kron4. >> pam: great balls of fire. that's right with tonight and you may see something that look like fireballs' up in the sky. >> pam: and, next an edgy new restaurant that you may not want to miss. >> diane: expect chilly temperatures for the next few days and i will let you know when rainshowers are expected coming up next
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>> pam: san francisco tenderloin is not for the faint of heart. >> pam:crime, drugs and pan- handlers will greet you on any corner. >> pam:yet, it is also attracting new, edgy restaurants and watering holes. >> pam:and that's exactly where kron 4's vicki liviakis found herself - by way of an underground london tube station >> vicki:these are the gritty streets of the tenderloin. and so is this. behind closed doors. >> vicki:welcome to whitechapel at the corner of polk and turk.a cross between a victorian
8:41 pm
distillary and london underground. >> vicki:yes, it's a dark gin joint - with 400 different types of the spirit to be exact. after the queen mum. >> vicki:but the real surprise - is this. raging good english fare - which might seem like a contradiction in more ways than one. >> vicki:but in the hands of chef david murphy - it's beyond the bland and british. with spicy excitement of bangaladesh and the bay area. >> vicki:and like the other famous english royal - henry - you're encouraged to grab the bone and devour. >> vicki:.and then toast the queen mum. in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. return >> pam: dan is back with us
8:42 pm
with the weather. >> diane: you are definitely going to need it tonight. especially for the north bay region. >> diane: have clear skies for the region right now. >> diane: we will have f o g for the inland valley locations. >> diane: mid '30's and upper 30's, but really it is all across the map. >> diane: by 1:00 to 3:00 we will be and the 60 degree temperatures. >> diane: in the downtown area and san francisco in will still be in the upper 60s. it will still be a cool
8:43 pm
day. at 9:00 p.m., the same transition that we have had the last several nights with chilly night spirit. >> diane: so, we will have at 3:00 p.m. bolo's or i should say high as 54 for antioch and livermore. >> diane: there you have it! >> diane: nice clear skies. >> diane: possible rainshowers on sunday that should clara by monday and tuesday of next week
8:44 pm
>> pam: new tonight at 8. >> pam: the annual flu shot could soon be a thing of the past. >> pam: the story is coming up next! >> diane: >> pam: gary has the warrior highlights as they tried to beat a franchise record coming up.
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>> pam: a breakthrough in medicine could provide life long immunity from influenza. >> pam: elizabeth choi working to create what they're calling a universal influenza vaccine to protect against all strains, and potentially offer permanent immunity >>getting a flu shot is pretty scary stuff for 6- year-old aubrey pierce. it doesn't matter that her mom angie pierce, who is a nurse practitioner and works along side belcher, is doing the sticking.
8:47 pm
>>"mommy sees lots of sick kids with the flu. it's not good," said pierce. >>she's no stranger to needle phobia, as an infectious disease specialist. >>"nobody likes getting a shot. it's scary, the needle. sometimes it's just the anxiety before you get the shot that's really bad. so, of course, it would be great if we could do a shot less frequently. everybody would like that," said pierce. >> reporter:belcher says medical experts are completely rethinking the entire process of creating the influenza vaccine. >>"we depend on the h and the n as the main things that make up the flu vaccine. h5n1 flu strains, we're describing the parts of the virus that change every year and let it cause disease," explained belcher. >> reporter:now, experts are looking into the parts of the virus that don't change, to create a new vaccine, according to belcher. "we're looking for more common targets that might be there every year so that we don't have to reformulate. because, it's a race to get the flu vaccine made every year," said belcher. >> reporter:and every year, it's a pain, literally. but, until an alternative is available, it's worth it, at least for little aubrey. >>"because so i don't get the to index of stories...
8:48 pm
>> grant:once the research is completed it will be reviewed by the f-d-a. if approved it could hit the marked in five to ten years. >> grant:because mosquitoes carry diseases like malaria and dengue fever, and irritate us, humans do a lot to avoid them. in most places people have to fend for themselves against the pests by sleeping under mosquito nets or using repellant. a number of new repellant formulas have hit the market in recent years, many with questionable efficacy. researchers at new mexico state university decided to compare the effectiveness of different repellants and perfumes, according to a study published recently in the journal of insect science. >> grant:the researchers tested eight commercially available and a vitamin b patch that reportedly keeps the mosquitoes at bay, on two different species of disease-carrying mosquitoes. to test the efficacy of each, the researchers put a mosquito at the long end of a y-shaped plastic tube. one of the researchers who is particularly attractive to mosquitoes placed her two hands at the ends of both forked tubes-one hand was untreated, the other treated with the chemical being tested. if the mosquito avoided the tube with the treated hand by staying still or moving towards the researchers determined that the repellant worked.
8:49 pm
>> gabe: >> grant:the researchers found that, among repellants, those that contained the tried-and-true ingredient deet were most effective in warding off the mosquitoes. a few others, such as cutter lemon eucalyptus insect repellent, worked almost as well, while most of them didn't make any difference. >> grant:while those findings weren't unexpected, the researchers were surprised to find that avon skin so soft bath oil repelled the mosquitoes for about two hours. another fragrance, victoria's secret bombshell perfume, also repelled the mosquitoes and lasted even longer. that overturned the previous understanding about how mosquitoes interpret scents. "there was some previous literature that said fruity, floral scents attracted mosquitoes, and to not wear those," said stacy rodriguez, a research assistant involved in the study, said in a statement. "it was interesting to see that the mosquitoes weren't actually attracted to the person that was wearing the victoria's secret perfume - they were repelled by it." >> grant:the takeaway for the researchers is that the repellants with deet were as a whole more effective than those without, which is useful information to consumers. they don't speculate as to why the fragrances might have worked so well. but since each bottle of victoria's secret perfume costs $52, you might be better off buying the deet to keep mosquitoes 0 way.
8:50 pm
>> gary: good evening! >> gary:the warriors beatthe grizzlies by 50 in oakland. but what about the "grindhouse". going for a franchse-record 9-and-0 start? >> gary:not since jason kidd was a freshman 23 years ago has cal basketball had this much anticipation. >> gary:6-10 freshman ivan rabb. and 6-7 freshman jaylen brown. wth both get their first real action when the bears open friday at home against rice. >> gary:brown. is considered one of country. cal hasn't signed an out-of-state rectruit like him since shareef abdur-rahim. who played at the same high school in atlanta. >> gary:rabb from oakland's bishop o'dowd high school has been considered one of the top 10 players inhis age group since the 8th grade. despite the hype. both seem to be keeping things in perspective.
8:51 pm
>> gary:as mark carpenter reported at the top of the show. >> gary:disney ceo bob iger is on board to help raiders get a stadium in carson iger has agreed to lead the effort to build a stadium for the raiders and chargers in the los angeles area if the nfl owners approve the teams' move if approved, iger would hire the executive responsible for overseeing the day-to-day functioning of the $1.7 billion stadium the city of oakland also made their presentation to the nfl in an effort to keep the raiders in the bay area. >> gary: if you are a fan and you loved the team may be carson will be the best seventh to travel. again, not expect anything until early next year. >> gary:as for the raiders.
8:52 pm
they host the minnisota vikings this sunday. derek carr talked about their recent offensive explosion. he's not satisfied >> the statistics are fun for people to look at buffer us we see that we miss this opportunity or plans--or chance or opportunity so we have to go back to the drawing board. to correct those things and improved their it. >> gary:tune into sports night live. the raiders and vikings. >> gary:former 49er and 4- time super bowl champion jesse sapolu gives his thoughts on all things 49er. >> gary:and will the warriors hols the franchise record for best start ever? all that and more. 9:00 p.m., sunday
8:53 pm
ford hs selfie promo-fs >> gary:. and send up your high school selfie. just post with the hashtag kron- 4-selfie. and it may appear on sports night live. >> gary:sharks all-time scoring leader patrick marleau was asked about his rumored disatistaction with no longer being team captain and subsequent trade conjecture >> gary:new york rangers fans got into tug-of-war last night for a game-used souvenir henrik lundqvist threw his stick into the stands for the fans after being named one of the three stars of the game >> gary:a group of rangers fans fought for the stick especially one fan who seemed to be caught up in the middle of it all madison square garden security eventually
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>> grant: abilities i am
8:57 pm
going to plan your night for you prick you are going to do your story and then you are going to go home and look up and the sky. >> pam: all we can do that. >> diane: (laughter) >> pam: (laughter) >> grant: you may seek to in writing-desk right should shooting stars in the sky. >> pam: we will see tonight at 11 have a nice night!
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[train horn blows] [flies buzzing] [man yells indistinctly] det. sanchez: watch your backs. watch your backs!


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